Follow these simple instructions to run our PUBG hack script on your android moblie:

  1. Download the 3 files.
  2. Copy the files to your phone.
  3. Install both the apps (.apk files).
  4. Go to Phone Settings then App Settings and enable ‘Display pop-up window’ for both the ‘Parallel Space’ and ‘GameGuardian’ app. (If you’re unable to find this option, proceed to the next step)
  5. Open the ‘Parallel Space’ app and clone the PUBG mobile game and the ‘GameGuardian’ app.
  6. Open the ‘GameGuardian’ app and run the PUBG game through it.
  7. When the game starts running, from the notification panel, select ‘Show GameGuardian’.
  8. In the ‘GameGuardian’ interface, select ‘PUBG Mobile’ as the process.
  9. When the game has loaded and you’re in the main menu, open ‘GameGuardian’ again and select ‘PUBG Mobile’ as the process.
  10. Then select the 3 horizontal lines from the ‘GameGuardian’ interface and from the pop-up, select ‘Execute Script’.
  11. Navigate and select the ‘PUBGhackers.lua’ file and click the ‘Execute Button’.
  12. Enjoy!