Cheats are usually a combination of keys or a password that trigger an event within a game as described by lifewire here. These codes are added by the game developers themselves to make the game more fun. However, cheats for games like PUBG mobile and other online multiplayer games do not exist. The developers never add any codes that would alter the game experience for the users. With this cleared, it should also be noted that instead of cheats, there exists something better for these games – Hacks.

PUBG Mobile Cheats and Hacks

If you want to download the latest PUBG mobile cheats/hacks, please head on over to the download page and get it for free!

Game hacking has existed ever since the first game was created. And as the games got more sophisticated, so did the cheats and hacks. The developers aren’t oblivious to this issue. Developers have started implementing smart anti-cheat solutions to prevent hackers from manipulating the game’s code. This is making it increasingly harder to break the game’s code and manipulate it.

But there’s a good news for the people playing PUBG mobile. Hacking PUBG mobile is possible and is quite easy to do. But be cautious when downloading mods or scripts from untrusted sources. Although many of the offerings are paid, we offer our PUBG mobile mod for free for a limited time.

Our mod has the features of all the premium mods out there including but not limited to:

  • WallHack (See the opponents and loot highlighted through walls)
  • AimBot (Automatically lock onto enemies and kill them with just a tap)
  • SpeedHack (Increase your movement speed to x2, x3 or x4)
  • Antenna (See the position of other players from far away)
  • Unlimited Health (You never die!)

To activate the mod, you need not remember or type out any special code as you do it with the traditional cheats. Once successfully installed, the controls for the cheats will be displayed on the top-left corner of the mobile screen. The controls have the option to enable the cheat/hack as a whole or the option to select the specific features that you want to enable. The cheats can be enabled or disabled at any time with the tap of a button.

While using the hack, you will remain mostly undetectable by the game’s anti-cheat mechanism. However, it’s best to check the status of each feature on this website before using it in-game. Some features can, however, get your account banned not because they get detected by the system but because of other players reporting you. One such feature is the AimBot. When used too aggressively, it may become obvious to the player you killed that something’s fishy when he watches the deathcam. Hence we suggest using such features in a subtle way so as to not raise any red flags.

When using the mod, you gain an unbeatable advantage over your opponents and can absolutely annihilate them. This can sometimes take away from the fun and thrill of playing the game. So most players only use some basic hacks like WallHack to make the game a bit easier but still keeping it challenging.

Where to download the latest PUBG mobile cheats?

You can download the safest PUBG mobile mod with all the above-listed and more features from the download page of our website. Just click on the ‘Download’ button from the top menu and it should take you to the download page where you can find all the required scripts and the mod in a zip file. Remember to first try the cheats out on a test account before using them on your main account!