Developing these mods takes time and efforts. The Mod is currently in the development stage which is why we haven’t started the monthly paid subscription for it. However, you can download the Mod by completing a free survey which will take you far less time than what it takes for us to develop these mods. This will help support the continuous development of this tool. Click the ‘Download’ button below to download the latest PUBG mod.

pubg mobile hack mod download button

Features included in the PUBG Mobile Mod:

WallHack (Status – Working Undetected)

AimBot (Status – Working with 3% detection rate)

SpeedHack (Status – Working with 8% detection rate)

Antenna Hack (Status – Working Undetected)

Unlimited Ammo (Status – Not Working)

For the utmost security of your account, we recommend using the following PUBG mobile hacks:

  • PUBG mobile wallhack
  • PUBG mobile antenna hack

The above-mentioned hacks will keep your account safe and prevent you from getting banned. However, we always advise using the mods on a new account instead of your main account to completely eliminate the risk of getting your real account banned. The detection rate mentioned above is because of the reports submitted by other players who are eliminated by you. Please don’t make it too obvious that you’re using hacks to keep the reports to the minimum. This will help improve the longevity of your account.