PUBG Mobile Hacks and Mods

The latest working hacks and mods for PUBG
PUBG Mobile Hacks and Mods

Current Build Features

The latest build version is 0.90. This is the closed-beta of the mod with limited features, When the mod goes out of beta, It'll be available as a paid subscription. However, for now it's completely FREE for testing!


Automatically lock on to your opponent’s head. All you need to do is tap on the screen to fire! (We are working on an auto-fire feature)

Wall Hack

See the location of enemies which are within 3 KMs of range. For enemies which are within 1 KM, you can see them through walls.

Unlimited Health

You do not die no matter what! Bullets, Bluezone fall damage, vehicle damage and explosions don’t reduce your health!

Unlimited Ammo

Whatever weapon you pick-up, get unlimited ammo for it! We are working on weapon spawn and damage increase features.

Who Are We?

We create the best APK mods for PUBG mobile. Unlike other mods, our mods are undetectable because they emulate the user actions on the mobile instead of functioning completely according to the code or the backend. We plan to release this mod as a paid subscription service when it’s completely developed. But for now, we are not charging any fees for it so that we can get some feedback from the users and make the mod better.

This Mod is currently in the closed-beta stage. This means that we are not giving access to it publically. We are doing this to prevent our mods from getting detected and patched. To be able to download the mod, you’ll need a key.It’s now open for everyone to download and test!



Free Trial





$17 $0




Unlimited Health

Scope Hack

Speed Hack


We strongly recommend using the hack on a guest PUBG mobile account. Although we have the proper security bypass features in place to make the modding procedure undetectable, it’s best to not risk your main account when trying this stuff out. Please contact us with your feedback and suggestion so we can make the mod better. Please refer to the ‘Instructions’ page to see the proper usage.

Change Logs

We were just as excited about the new map as all of you. It had been a while since we had a new map to the game that gave it a new feel. We did have ‘Sanhok‘ but it was quite similar to ‘Erangel‘. When PUBG announced that the new map is going to have snow in it, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it!

But, After the release of the new snow map in the game (more formally known as ‘Vikendi’), there has been a lot of change in the game code. The game sound has been changed, new features have been added along with slight changes in the recoil and spray patterns of some of the weapons. The changes may seem small in the actual gameplay experience, but the game code has changed quite a bit.

How does this affect the mod?

Because of all the changes in the backend of the game, we had to completely re-write some of the features of the mod. To be able to hack the game again, we had to go through thousands of lines of code for hours. Then we modified the necessary lines and tested them for another few hours before committing the changes and releasing the update to the public.

Because of all the changes made, the mod might be a little unstable at the moment and the hacks a bit unpredictable. Hence, we would advice you to maintain caution when using the hacks and report back to us in case you face some issues. We are continuously working on improving our mods and making it as safe to use as possible.

PUBG Mobile Mod

There are two separate ways to hack in PUBG mobile. The first method is to use a hack script to inject code into the original game file apk. The second method is to use a mod. A mod is simply a modded game file in which the source code of the original game is modified. Since the base of any mod is the official game file, each time there is an update to the game, the mod has to be updated as well to function properly with the new version of the game files. Mods need to be downloaded into your phone to enable things like wall-hack, aim-bot, speed-hack, teleporting etc. Some mods even require you to load additional script files (where the modified code resides) in order to activate the hacks.

What do you provide?

We provide a mod for PUBG Mobile that works on your android mobile phone. This PUBG Mobile hack can be used to unlock hidden properties in the game that will make the game easier for you. We essentially change the game (code) to remove the restrictions placed on some of the properties. These changes may include increasing the size of the player’s health or changing the visibility of other players in the game.

All you have to do is download the hack script file for the game and copy it to your phone. The complete instructions regarding the installation and activation of the mod can be found here. We are one of the only few authentic sources for pubg hacks. There are a lot of people on forums and other sites who are distributing infected files. Be cautious and only download from a trusted source.

How do I install the mod?

The installation of the mod isn’t too tricky. We’ve made a separate post on how to install the pubg mobile hack/mod apk on your android mobile phone which can be found here. in a nutshell, you will need to install two apps on your phone like ‘GameGuardian’ and ‘ParallelSpace’ and copy the downloaded files into your phone.

Someone has actually made a installation and demo video of our mod and put it on YouTube. We’ve embedded the said video below for your convenience.

Isn’t it unethical to use such hacks and mods to gain an unfair advantage over other players?

There are a lot more ethical issues to worry about in the world other than using hacks on a game. But to answer the question, Yes, it is unethical to use patches like these to dominate other players in the game. But it’s a lot of fun too. If you are concerned that the use of this script will make the game too easy for you, we suggest you to only use a few features (like wallhack) while playing. This will give you an advantage over others while not making it too easy. Plus using only a few features will keep your account safe from bans.

A very little known fact is that a lot of the pro players also use scripts that hack the game files. While the pros don’t use things such as aim-bot, wall-hack or other such aggressive hacks, they do however make use of some passive hacks. One of the most popular passive form of cheating is the use of ‘Mini-Map hack’. This cheat marks the enemies location on the mini map that is shown at top-right corner of the game screen.

Is the PUBG mobile hack free to use?

For the time-being, Yes. The mod is currently in the beta stage and we’ve made it free for people to test it. If you download the mod now, it’ll be your’s to keep, for free. We do however plan to add a small one-time fee for it later. So download it ASAP while it’s free. There are no paid apps required for you to run this mod. Plus, all the required apps and files are bundled in the download zip file.

Also, there are no in-app purchases or advertisements of any kind included inside of our scripts that will disturb you during the game. Rest assured that you get the safest and the best script there is on the market.

Why is it free?

Currently, we are in the development phase of the mod. Since we would not be able to test each and every feature of the mod like wallhack, aimbot, speed hack etc. we require some people to use the hacks and give us feedback on it. Using this feedback, we improve upon the existing mod and make it better. It’s a win-win situation – You get to keep and use the mod for free while we get user feedback on it to make it better.

Is it safe to use the PUBG mobile hacks?

The mod itself is clean and free of any malware, virus or adware. So you don’t have to worry about infecting your phone with any malware when using the mod. Now there is another safety concern regarding the PUBG mobile accounts of people using the mod. We try our best to make the mod undetectable. There are some features of the mod which are safe to use on your main account without the risk of getting the account banned. However, we recommend not using it on your primary account. See the ‘Download’ page for more information on which features are safe to use and other information related to various features.

Why do you plan to make it paid?

Developing these mods take a lot of time and efforts. We have to sit down and stare at thousands of lines of code for hours to be able to change the right parts and make it work the way we want it to. And it doesn’t end there. With every game update, the game code changes. So we have to repeat the entire process again. It’s like a full-time job and if we are putting in such efforts into it, it would be great to get something back in return to keep us motivated. But don’t worry, we aren’t planning to put a price tag on it in the near future!

Will the other players know that I’m using hacks?

Whether or not people find out that you’re using hacks depends on the way you play. If you make it too obvious by doing something like eliminating a player who is a mile away with a shotgun, then you most definitely will raise suspicion in the minds of the other players. In order to stay under the radar, you must use these hacks in a way that doesn’t make their use obvious. Just use your common sense and imagine what it would look like from the perspective of you opponent.

Another factor to this is the type of hack that you are reason. Things like ‘AimBot’ and ‘Wallhack’ are much easier to be detected when compared to other things like ‘Radarhack’. The key is to make the use of these features seem as natural as possible to avoid raising any red flags in the opponent’s mind.